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  • Alok Shetty

Best of 2023: Essays & Articles

The Curious Joy of Being Wrong

By Daryl Van Tongeren

The Nine Breakthroughs of the Year

By Derek Thompson

Philip Roth, a Writer All the Way Down

By Zadie Smith

The Cruel Fantasies of Well-Fed People

By George Monbiot

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture

By Patrick Deneen

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

By Seymour Hersh

On Caste: The Roots of Discrimination in Indian Design

By The Big Fat Bao

ONDC: Democratising Digital Commerce in India

By McKinsey & Company

The King of Cashmere: A Conversation with Brunello Cucinelli

By Om Malik

Tokyo is the new Paris

By Noah Smith

The Shadow Side of Greatness

By James Clear

The Case for Big Action to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

By Chamath Palihapitiya

Why I keep returning to the bountiful brilliance of CLR James

By Ramachandra Guha

The Twin Revolutions of Politics and Fertility

By Tomas Pueyo

The Young Indians Saving Crumbling Ancestral Homes

By Cherylann Mollan

The Cynical Genius Illusion: Exploring and Debunking Lay Beliefs About Cynicism and Competence

By Olga Stavrova and Daniel Ehlebracht

Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas

By Paul Graham

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